The land of fire and ice is ideal to shoot out-of-this-world films. The country boasts telegenic locations, ranging from volcanoes to glaciers. They make the perfect backdrop for apocalyptic scenarios or space missions films. And thanks to the local experts in production services in Iceland, shooting here is bliss.

Beating The Odds During A Pandemic – Production Services In Iceland

When thinking about filming in Iceland, many visualize remote villages or frozen landscapes. And productions such as Interstellar (2014) or Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) show that. Relying on Iceland’s deserted glaciers to picture other planets has been frequently used. But there is a lot more this country has to share on-screen than just stunning scenery.

Though a small country, the land of fire and ice has a considerable pool of videography experts. That makes it a popular choice among international filmmakers. But it also allows the boom of the local film industry. While the Covid-19 pandemic put the world on a stop in many areas, the need for creating more content was on the rise. And thanks to top-notch production services in Iceland, a high number of films will come to screen in 2021.

As a new record release year, 2021 has up to 13 Icelandic films and eight TV series scheduled to premiere. Aside from these, more than 11 documentaries, still in progress, might get released. Among the TV shows expected, there are Katla and the third season of the popular series Trapped. As for local films, one set to come to the big screen is Skjálfti, based on Auður Jónsdóttir’s book named Grand Mal.

Quite a prolific period for the cinema industry here, according to Klapptre. Keeping production rolling during a pandemic was a challenge they rose to. And it is more than the local industry gaining from top production services in Iceland.

From Iceland To The Oscars

For sure, 2020 was a great year for Iceland’s cinematography. If you quarantined with Netflix, then you may have seen a movie featuring an Icelandic town. That would be the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. While the plot of the movie may not impress that much, it was one of the songs that made waves. And that was “Husavik (My Home Town)” song, which received an Oscar nomination for the best original song. It made the world turn all curious eyes on the coastal town with the same name. As some of the scenes were also shot here, the picturesque harbor became more known. Now, many tourists come to see how Husavik is. And more filmmakers reconsider their options for shooting in small locations. After all, if such a small town made it to fame, who says you need only skyscrapers to make an impression on film?

Getting associated with an Oscar nomination is a big accomplishment for Husavik. And the quaint harbor may be inspiring for success. Yet we have to admit that the production services in Iceland also made a difference.

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