Iceland is one of the most impressive places for movie production you can ever find. For most productions, you will need a person to oversee it all. This is how you can find a top production coordinator in Iceland, without really breaking the bank in a notoriously expensive country.

Key features of a great production coordinator in Iceland

To find a top production coordinator in Iceland, you need to be aware of what are some of the key features of such a person. Number one, experience. Coordinators need to know exactly what they are doing, at any moment in time of the shooting. If they don’t know which is where, and who does what, the entire production is in jeopardy. Making sure your coordinator is a great communicator and planner is key for hiring the ideal individual for your production.

Language is another key feature of a great production coordinator in Iceland. The Icelandic language is simply impossible for a foreigner. It has a little bit of every other language of the Northern European region. These languages are difficult enough on their own, let alone joining them together to form a new one. English speakers are fortunately everywhere in Iceland, so you should be able to find a good coordinator who’s ready to help you in the international language with ease.

Finally, you should check out the past projects of your future coordinator while in Iceland. Chances are, you’re in this country for nature-related production services. If this is the case, make sure your coordinator has already worked in nature-related productions, especially documentaries. They will know locations, transportation, and accommodation, problem-solving for the issues that might come up, pretty much everything.

Make the most out of your Iceland production

Now that you know a thing or two about how a top production coordinator in Iceland looks, let’s talk about the country. Incredible, to say the least, this is how Iceland can be described in one word. The most impressive sights of this country are the natural wonders scattered all over the place. Starting with waterfalls and ending with geysers and glacial lakes, this place is simply stunning. The most famous of them all is The Blue Lagoon. This place is filled with geothermal waters of milky blue color, being the ideal filming location for any production, fantasy, or documentary style.

Next comes The South Shore, which means exactly what the title suggests, the Southern part of the island. This place is a glorious zone with fantastical beaches, amazing waterfalls that look almost fake, and an overall sense of serene beauty. It makes you feel you look at a painting, wherever you point your camera or eyes. If you’ve got a great planner, the South Shore can be the subject for a whole documentary on its own. Don’t forget to check out places like Vatnajökull National Park, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, The Whales, The Diamond Circle, and The Northern Lights.