Iceland has unusually long volcanoes names, impossible to pronounce cities, but also the most incredible landscape in Europe, and beyond. For video production crews the world over, this country is the ultimate filming destination. And for things to go well, a great production assistant in Iceland is a must for any successful crew.

Production assistant in Iceland, a short walkthrough

Very few countries on Earth are as interesting and offering as Iceland when it comes to filming possibilities. With endless lakes, springs, mountains, valleys, and other natural wonders, this country is a favorite of many documentary producers. Film crews have also taken this country by storm in recent years, shooting Game of Thrones, Batman Begins, Star Wars and many more TV hits there. This is why video producers are always keen on hiring staff on the ground when coming to Iceland, starting with production assistants.

What is it there to look for when hiring your new product assistant in Iceland? First, impeccable English is mandatory. Iceland is usually an English-friendly place. However, you don’t want any surprises when it comes to your staff not being able to communicate with your local fixers while on set. Assistants should also be able to quickly solve any local-related issues. This includes hotel and car rentals, equipment repairs, small local law inconveniences that might arise. They also need to be able to dedicate longer hours for the production, should it be necessary.

Finally, a good production assistant in Iceland, the country of the Aurora Borealis will ensure operations, small and large, are running smoothly while the crew and actors do their jobs. All of this has to happen while the assistant keeps a low profile within the crew, allowing producers, videographers, and actors to fully enter their roles and do their jobs flawlessly, as they should.

Iceland, the land of amazing nature and strict rules

While on the set, a good production assistant in Iceland will surely be able to fill you in on the latest rules, regarding the pandemic or not. Right now, in the fall of 2021, Iceland is under restrictions due to the coronavirus. This means general sanitary rules, such as wearing a mask and social distancing, are a must-do in crowded areas. Also, Iceland has imposed a no-entry rule for all foreigners who’re not vaccinated or can’t provide a negative Covid-19 test from 3 days before their flight to Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city.


According to an official document issued by the Directorate of Health of Iceland, “crew members need to pay special attention to hand hygiene and it is recommended that all crew members wash or sanitize hands frequently. (…)  Please avoid latex gloves and powdered gloves as they are more likely to cause allergies. Sufficient supplies of protective equipment (gloves and masks) are the responsibility of the production company.”

Based on the region in which you’ll be filming, and what natural wonders you’ll get in your shot, local filming permits may be required for professional video production.