Looking for one out-of-the-ordinary location for your next film? Your project will get all the attention if you choose to shoot it in Iceland. Don’t get too intimidated. All you have to do is hire a film fixer in Iceland, and all of your worries will just vanish. Here’s how to find the ideal fixer in this beautiful country.

What’s it like working with a film fixer in Iceland

Working with a film fixer in Iceland is like having a helping hand with you throughout your production. What’s it like working with such an individual in this part of the world, more precisely? It’s like having a genie out of the bottle, and with unlimited wishes to be granted. Need a good new filming location, because the current one just doesn’t click with you? The fixer will take care of it. Need a new camera because the other one is broken? The fixer will get a brand new one for you. Need an urgent change in staff or actors? Have the fixer get that done for you in a heartbeat.

What a fixer does on the set varies largely based on needs. Fixers can be anything you need them to be, from assistants to lawyers, and from handymen to drivers. They can solve problems, and they can plan ahead. They can schedule shooting days, and then they can be spontaneous, and arrange something last minute. A film fixer in Iceland will give you a helping hand with everything regarding your filming in the country of icebergs, geysers, and snowy mountains. All you need to do is ask them, and be specific about it, and they will 99% of the time be able to help you out.

Having a fixer, a local one, onset is like having a superpower that you can just use at all times.

The qualities of a great film fixer

What are some of the qualities of a great film fixer in Iceland? First of all, they’re the people with the connections. They know other people, fixers, including local authorities, other media people, actors and extras, the whole bunch. A simple phone call will be enough, most of the time, for the fixer to “fix” your lack of personnel, equipment, locations, and logistics. For some great fixers, a text might do just fine!


Another great quality of a film fixer is the ability to adapt to grave situations. If, for example, there’s a rainstorm at the location, but you can’t move the filming to another date, the fixer should be able to find a different place, not far from the stormy one, in which you can safely shoot the scene. This is possible because fixers have tons of experience behind them, after years of learning their country by the mile.


Finally, a great quality in a fixer is communication. These people are quick thinkers and can express their thoughts clear and fast.