Fixer Iceland: Media Production Support

Fixer Iceland is a local network of enthusiastic professionals with a background in journalism and TV/film production. We help foreign media and production companies when covering or filming in Iceland.

Fixer Iceland is part of Thus we are affiliated to a global network of verified media professionals that offer trusted local knowledge to media organizations, filmmakers and journalists.


We cover several specific roles, such as:

Production or film fixer in Iceland

Location scout for documentaries and TV commercials in Iceland

Production manager


We are flexible and thus provide a range of services including:

General production assistance in Iceland for film, TV & written press

Sourcing local crews

Filming permits

Location management and research


Most of our fixers are based Reykjavik, but we have contacts all around Iceland, from bigger communities to remote and picturesque areas.

It can sometimes be challenging for international media or filmmakers to find a reliable Icelandic fixer. You can count on us as we can provide references from journalists and filmmakers with an impeccable international reputation.

Are you a filmmaker, foreign journalist or production company looking to film or produce a TV commercial in Iceland? Please drop us a line, we are happy to help.

Our services include:

Crew hiring

We source local Icelandic crew who speak good English and have solid international experience.

Content support

Translations, research, general fixing

Locations: permits, scouting

We provide complete location scouting around Iceland, we also arrange release forms and permits.

Equipment rental from local partners

We work together with rental companies in Iceland to provide top class gear at decent prices.

Scheduling and logistics

We work with professional service providers and can negotiate the best offers and reduced prices for transport, accommodation, catering and local services.


We always make productions happen within budget.

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